Nike Speed+ watch: like Nike+iPod, sans iPod

Nike Speed+ watch: like Nike+iPod, sans iPod


If I’m going for a morning jog, I inevitably have to bring my MP3 player with me so that I can jam away at some tunes as I take my trot around the park. Other folks may not be quite as interested in listening to music as they are on their lap times. For the latter group, the Nike Speed+ watch takes the Nike+iPod concept and removes Apple’s media player from the picture, leaving you wholly with all that other information like calories burned, distance ran, elapsed time, and so on.

Of course, this watch is fully compatible with Nike+ in-shoe sensors (otherwise the whole system wouldn’t work), and displays all that useful information on its LCD backlit display. When it comes time to downloading the data to the Nikeplus website (for progress tracking and that whole community thing they have set up), you simply plug the Nike Speed+ watch into your computer via USB.

Nike hasn’t gone on the record confirming this new watch, so naturally no official information regarding price or availability has presented itself as of yet.