More touchscreen madness: Google Switch mobile phone by Samsung?

More touchscreen madness: Google Switch mobile phone by Samsung?


Looking for a real Googlephone? Apparently the search engine behemoth has teamed up with Samsung to produce the Google Switch mobile phone. Like the Apple iPhone, the Switch has a touchscreen that covers the entire front face. In fact, the border around the color display is even thinner than on the Apple offering.

Neither Samsung nor Google has verified the existence of the Switch, so we can’t be completely certain whether these “spy shots” are legitimate either. What we can tell you is that if the touch-tastic Switch (smart?) phone is for real, then Apple has got itself a pretty major competitor. It sure seems well within the realm of possibility, though, considering that Google and Samsung have already teamed up to Google-fy the Samsung Ultra Edition 13.8 slider.

There aren’t any specs attached to the device yet, and based on how thin the picture makes it out to be, the on-board camera — if it even has one — can’t be all that powerful. It may not even have any internal memory whatsover, if the “tipsters” are to be believed, opting exclusively for web-based network storage, including applications that you “attach” to your account.