Mobiles have more bacteria than toilet seats

Mobiles have more bacteria than toilet seats


The hypochondriacs among us might want to stop reading now.

Still there? Well, you might rush out and get some antibacterial wipes once you’ve finished reading this one. Seems an outfit called Dial-a-Phone went and conducted a health study on common objects that we humans use everyday. One of the results was that our good old mobile phones have more bacteria per square millimeter than your keyboard, the bottoms of your shoes, and even a toilet seat. That’s right, the mobile phone is officially the most-infected device known to man.

Remember your mother telling you that shaking someone’s hand is much more dangerous in terms of infection than kissing? It’s like that. Your hands touch way more things during any given day than your lips ever do, and your mobile phone tops even that. Further, the kind of bacteria that is commonly found in skin thrives in warm environments, like pants pockets, purses, and briefcases. The more you carry your mobile around with you and use it, the more bacteria piles up on its surface, just waiting to infect you or anyone who touches it.

Now, obviously, no one is dying from contact with a bacteria-infested mobile phone. But this is definitely something to take note of, even moreso than the warnings about keeping your keyboards and desk workspaces clean (which many people ignore, anyway). After all, your phone touches your hands, ears, and face many times each day. Who knows how many low-level infections your mobile is carrying around with it?