Making time-lapse photography a breeze

Making time-lapse photography a breeze


One of the most difficult and frustrating tasks in digital photography is shooting time-lapse images. They never seem to come out right, whether it’s resolution or background or plain old user error.

This little device can solve that problem. It’s the Pclix LT100, and it’ll turn you into a first-rate time-lapse photographer – if you’re willing to spend the US$139.95 and a little bit of time perfecting your settings and harnessing your patience.

You literally have time at your fingertips, with a range of 1 second to 100 hours on the handy dial. The device fits in your hand or can be attached to a tripod, for those long shots. It comes with an Instant Fire button, too, for the opportunities that life sometimes throws at you when you’re in the middle of setting up something else.

You’ll need a cable to connect the Pclix to your camera. Those run from US$19.95 to US$39.95.