Corsair plunks displays into even bigger Flash drives

Corsair plunks displays into even bigger Flash drives


On the one hand, you have USB Flash drives that boast some sort of extra perk, like a biometric fingerprint reader, a cap-less design, or a display that tells you how much space you’ve got left, even when not connected to a computer. On the other hand, you have developers pushing the envelope when it comes to how much memory you can shove into these increasingly small devices. Addressing both our needs for more storage and fancy features are a couple of additions to Corsair’s Flash Readout series of USB drives. They’ve bumped the display-touting drives to 4GB and 8GB.

What sets these drives apart from much of the competition is that they sport a simple, yet highly effective display that will tell you approximately how much space you’re using (indicated by a pie chart), as well as a personal label (up to 11 characters). The Bi-stable Cholesteric Display (BCD) can apparently maintain this image for “up to a year without a battery.”

The new 4GB and 8GB Corsair Flash Readout USB drives retail for $90 and $170, respectively, and are available now.