Presto: myBlu turns iPod into phone

Presto: myBlu turns iPod into phone


Am I blue because the iPhone is currently vaporware? Are you? We both might be interested in this stopgap measure from Mavizen.

It’s the myBlu, and it’s the closest we’re both going to come to an official Apple iPhone for several months now. Actually, it looks more like a Tool Time iPhone, but I’ll take it.

The connection system has a shuffle-looking control, which connects headphones and Pod cord, throwing in a microphone to approximate the other half of a phone. There’s Bluetooth, so you can use your iPod to tell you when you have a phone call. The caller ID displays nicely on your iPod screen, and you also get voice-activate redial. Now why you wouldn’t want to just take that call on your mobile I’m not quite sure, although the iCool factor on the myBlu might be enough to get you to keep your mobile in your pocket or purse.

Taking advantage of another retro trend, it also sports an FM tuner, so you can get unprogrammed music if you really want it.

As with many of these kinds of things, the myBlu is available in Asia, at a relatively small price, just US$77.