Panasonic R6 fashion laptop takes a licking, keeps ticking

Panasonic R6 fashion laptop takes a licking, keeps ticking


Despite being dropped from 76 centimeters in the air and having a glass of water spilled all over the keyboard, the new Panasonic R6 laptop kept running just fine and looking good doing it. Yup, this sixth-generation notebook can take quite the beating, despite not having those giant rubber grips and extra thick casing that “military grade” laptops seem to sport.

On the technical side of this, the Panasonic R6 — which will be available in a rainbow of colors including white, black, silver, purple, red, and blue — comes powered by Windows Vista Business. As an ultralight computing solution, this laptop weighs in at a mere 930 grams (compared to the 960g R5 which preceded it), apparently including the smaller and lighter 155g power supply. Other key specs include a 1.06GHz Core Duo U2400 processor, a quad of USB 2.0 ports, VGA port, LAN connection, and a very impressive eight hours of battery life. No touch-sensitive or pivoting screen, unfortunately.

No word on pricing, but it seems to be Japan-only anyways.