One-touch recording right to your iPod

One-touch recording right to your iPod


It’s OK. You can admit it. You like your iPod, but you don’t like how much time it takes to get those TV shows and movies from their source to your video iPod. First, you have to download them. Then, you have to transfer them to the iPod. And if you don’t use iTunes originally, it can take even longer.

Well, now you have something to speed up the process. In the classic tradition of cutting out the middle man, AnyMedia has brought us the iPod Uploader, which allows us to record video directly onto the iPod. You can record from DVD or VHS or even live TV. All you need is the proper plugs, including RCA and S-Video connectors. The Uploader also records audio, including cassette tapes and vinyl. All audio is recorded in MP3 format, and all video is converted to MPEG4.

The price on this device might sound a bit steep at first, but consider how much you’ll save and how much you’ll appreciate that one-touch recording and you’ll likely conclude that US$159.95 isn’t all that much for that kind of convenience.