Magic Mirror: the world is your dressing room

Magic Mirror: the world is your dressing room


It might be just an old wives’ tale or something out of a fairy tale, but not too many women I know would think it’s a good idea to listen to a talking mirror. Look what happened to Snow White.

Assuming that you’re one of the many brave enlightened souls who don’t believe that fairy tales can come true, you’ll surely be interested in this little item from the Fashion Capital of the World. A designer from New York (Where else?) has put together a dressing room mirror that mimics police station interrogation room technology by sending a live video feed out into the electronic ether, for all to see.

OK, so it’s not that expansive. The feed can go to a mobile phone, PDA, or email account of your choice. The feed is of you wearing various outfits. You can virtually try on different clothes and have your friends or family who don’t happen to be with you at the time tell you what they think.

We’re assuming here that you would actually venture outside the dressing room and show off for the family and friends that you dragged along with you and not make them peek at their mobiles to see what you’re considering for purchase. That would involve trying clothes on, which the mirror doesn’t require you to do.

The super-cool factor in all of this is that the mirror has interactive left and right panels that facilitate all manner of outfit examination that can take place in the blink of an eye. Touch the left panel to page through various outfits. That live video feed is an approximated view of you wearing each outfit, which appears in the center panel, for all who have been invited to see; and your family and friends can send back text messages with their feedback. Touch the right panel and the onboard computer suggests matching accessories, like tops, pants, belts, and shoes.

You could, in fact, buy something without ever trying it on—which is a totally male thing to do, anyway.