Korean electronics giants shift into new areas

Korean electronics giants shift into new areas


Taking a cue from Bill Gates, Korean giants like Samsung, LG, and SK are beginning to manufacture products that you wouldn’t normally associate them with making. One big area that Samsung, especially, is wading into is automotive-related industries.

Specifically, Samsung is about to shift into high gear making auto computer chips. If you think that kind of announcement rings a distant bell, you’re right. Samsung was dabbling in the automotive realm about a decade ago but eventually put the brakes on that endeavor and sold it off to Renault. The renewed focus centers on a semiconductor that uses wireless technology to link all electronic components in a vehicle. That’s a large number these days, especially in the days of electric windows, door locks, climate controls, and navigation systems.

Speaking of navigation systems, SK has steered its manufacturing sector into more than one auto-related field, including mobile phone-based navigation, auto repairs, and even second-hand sales.

LG, too, has gone down the automotive road, making a lithium polymer car battery in addition to the more mundane handles and bumpers. The LG product that will probably get the most media mileage, however, is Mozen, a telematics service that will comprise navigation, traffic alerts, and emergency response—all delivered wirelessly over an Internet connection.