Fender-Panasonic deal puts guitar in the dash

Fender-Panasonic deal puts guitar in the dash


Some things sound good from the moment you first hear them. The strains of a Fender guitar are a good example. Some of modern music’s most famous guitarists make and made their living massaging the strings of Fender Stratocasters. Names like David Gilmour, Joe Walsh, Brian May, and Ron Wood resonate throughout the hallways of the history of Fender, and you can hear their chord progressions and many more on a genuine Fender-inspired sound system in the automobile of your choice very soon.

Panasonic has lined up an agreement with Fender to deliver an audio sound system to automakers. Volkswagen is already onboard, offering a system that includes a Fender that you can plug in, offering drive-time guitar that’s much more than air.

Although the name Fender is suggestive of one part of a car, this is the first time that the legendary guitar maker has ventured into the automotive business. The partnership is aiming toward a younger audience, especially those who play guitars themselves, but older consumers will definitely recognize the name and what it has represented.