The Legend of Zelda: alive and well on the PSP?

The Legend of Zelda: alive and well on the PSP?


I’ve been enjoying Twilight Princess on my Wii for the past few weeks, and countless other Zelda fanboys and girls out there are anxiously anticipating Link’s latest adventure in Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS. That’s still some ways off, though, so what can you do to get your portable Zelda fix? Well, apparently you can enjoy Link, Zelda, and the rest of the Legendary crew on your Sony PSP. Yes, Zelda on a PSP.

Does it really sound that farfetched? We already heard about how Halo almost made it on the Nintendo DS, so why can’t our favorite elf in a green tunic make a Sony appearance? Too bad it’s not an official project. Instead, Zion from DCEmu is working on a homebrew Zelda game. The avid enthusiast even put together a trailer for you.

In the meantime, couldn’t you just make use of those emulators out there and enjoy a classic NES or SNES Zelda title on your PSP? Yeah, thought so.