IM voice and text chat just got cheap on your mobile

IM voice and text chat just got cheap on your mobile


Long distance calls on your cell phone can get really pricey, really quickly. Now you can skirt that cost by taking the instant messenger route, thanks to a new app called Nimbuzz. Not only can you hop online via Google Talk or MSN Live Messenger and chat it up in a text-based conversation, but Nimbuzz also supports the Voice functions of these IMers, essentially providing you with “free” cell phone minutes, so to speak. International calls from mobile to mobile, in this way, can be enjoyed “at the cheapest local rate.”

Designed to work with more than 500 mobile phone models (as well as Windows XP-based PCs), Nimbuzz is free to download and involves no monthly charges (other than those that you’d pay your mobile operator anyways). If you don’t like downloading things onto your phone, it seems that you can also access Nimbuzz via your phone’s internet browser.

The company is working on compatibility with other instant messenger and VoIP programs, so we just may see Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, and Skype working through Nimbuzz some time in the future as well.