Details leaked surrounding new BlackBerry 8800, 9xxx series

Details leaked surrounding new BlackBerry 8800, 9xxx series


Leave it up to the Boy Genius to scrounge his way through every executive office known to man, re-emerging with a whole whack of juicy details for us to drool over. The latest victim of his investigations is Research in Motion, as here is some tasty tidbits for you to nibble on regarding the Pearl-esque BlackBerry 8800, as well as the forthcoming 9xxx series, both of which are heading to Cingular.

First up, the 8800, which is basically a Pearl with a QWERTY keyboard instead of that SureType business, is scheduled for launch next month. Like so many other products in their lineup, this BlackBerry is geared towards business and email, and such, it seemingly lacks a camera, contrary to prior reports. Moreover, the Cingular version will not have WiFi. The keys themselves are similar to the non-Pearl 8700, except they’re “just a tad shorter.”

Regarding the forthcoming 9xxx series, you can expect these PDA phones to rock 3G, full backup and restore to microSD cards, BIS 3.0, a new processor, a completely new user interface (c’mon, Boy Genius, tell us more), and a scheduled Cingular launch of Q4 2007.