Are cell phones advancing too quickly?

Are cell phones advancing too quickly?


I can’t decide how I feel about the cell phone industry these days, as I really enjoy drooling over the latest innovations and the hottest new handsets, but at the same time, when I actually get around to buying one of those cool phones, it’s already obsolete. Sounds a lot like buying a computer, huh? As such, do you think that cell phones are getting too advanced for their own good, developing technology far too quickly? We’re shoving more megapixels in those cameraphones, more storage in those music phones, and let’s not even get started on what the Apple iPhone brings to the table.

Even all that said, we here in North America are still pretty far behind. Just take a quick trip across the Pacific, and you’ll find even more impressive cell phones in Japan and Korea. Heck, Samsung’s got a cell phone with a 10 megapixel picture-taker. That’s higher resolution that most consumer-level standalone point-and-shoot cameras. And of course, they’ve got mobile TV up the wazoo too.

With all this extra functionality, the batteries found within aren’t exactly keeping up. When you get some of the more powerful smartphones, for example, and you use it to its fullest, you can rarely expect to get more than a work day’s worth of life out of the thing before you need to tether yourself to a wall outlet.

Heading in the completely opposite direction of this ultra-fast development is an increasing demand in the marketplace for simple cell phones that are well designed and do little more than just make phone calls. Do you want a phone that does voice calls (and does it well), or do you want a Swiss Army knife? I still can’t decide.