ZVUE 260 PMP mimics iPod Video, gets priced at under $100

ZVUE 260 PMP mimics iPod Video, gets priced at under $100


Just because the ZVUE 260 personal media player is going to be priced starting at under $100 doesn’t mean that it comes up short in terms of functionality. In fact, it’s got a few niceties that even the iPod Video doesn’t rock. For example, the 260 is the first ZVUE player to feature an on-board audio speaker so you can share those tunes with those around you: no need for a speaker dock. What’s more, the 2.5-inch active matrix TFT backlit display is great for viewing videos at 30fps and at up to a QVGA (320 x 240 pixel) resolution. And yes, it works with WMA-DRM.

You’ll notice that the physical design of the 260, being all iPod-like with its round navigation wheel and shiny white paint job, is distinctly different from the ZVUE 250 which preceded it. You’ll notice that the functionality is pretty similar though. Yup, just like the 250, the 260 doesn’t have any storage of its own, relying completely on SD memory cards. They haven’t said for sure, but they are proposing configurations that will bundle in 512MB and 1GB cards.

Look for the ZVUE 260 at a retailer near you sometime in mid-2007.