Tackle the elements with Belkin all-weather XM boombox

Tackle the elements with Belkin all-weather XM boombox


Through rain, sleet, or snow, you want to enjoy your glorious XM Satellite Radio subscription. For times when Mother Nature is at her worst, there is the Belkin Weather Resistant Universal Boombox designed for XM Plug & Play receivers. Boasting a rather prominently embossed XM logo on the front, this rainworthy stereo is quite the looker, complete with an iPod-esque glossy white paint job.

Flip open the flap in the front, plug in your favorite XM Satellite Radio receiver (it’s compatible with Xpress, ReadyXT, and XM2go receivers, as well as Helix and inno players via a special adapter), and you’ve got yourself some portable tunes to share with those around you. Even if it’s pouring outside, you can still have a rip-roaring good time at the beach… right?

Well, I’m not sure how well this all-weather portable audio system will be able to withstand the elements, but they do say that it is “water resistant.” And your signal gets a touch of a boost with the built-in antenna too. No word on price.