Top Tech of the week, CES + MacWorld + Detroit Auto Show...

Top Tech of the week, CES + MacWorld + Detroit Auto Show – 01.12.2007


This week was like Christmas, the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving and your birthday all packed into one mind-blowing weekend. MacWorld delivers the goods for drooling Apple fanatics. CES is full of all the non-Apple technological madness you could possibly want. And if you need a break in Vegas then you can head over to the AVN Expo (don’t worry, you can still pretend you never check that stuff out). And if all of that isn’t enough, the Detroit Auto Show is showing off the newest and greatest creations on four wheels. Picking the five items for Top Tech this week from all of that is pretty overwhelming, but we’ll give it a try:

The iPhone – There’s not really anywhere else to start, is there. Steve Jobs somehow managed to brilliantly upstage CES and take all of the attention this week. If you haven’t heard about this phone yet, you obviously live under a rock. You know the features, too – the coolest touch screen you’ve ever seen, no buttons, push e-mail, accelerometer, and so much more. It also reportedly will cure cancer and ensure world peace for generations to come.

Motorola’s mobile charger – Motorola knew they wouldn’t be able to compete with the iPhone by going high tech this week, so they went low tech instead. This may just look like a simple yellow bike, but it’s actually the most portable phone charger you could imagine. As you pedal the bike your phone battery gets juiced up. Motorola is going to target third world markets with this innovation.

Sat-Go – Once you get used to satellite TV you don’t want to have to go without it, no matter where you are. DirecTV feels your pain. They used CES to introduce the Sat-Go. It looks like a piece of expensive luggage, but it’s much more than that. When you open it up you find both a TV and a satellite receiver. That way, you can get your satellite fix wherever you are. It only weighs 25 pounds, too, so you can take it with you on every trip.

Ford Airstream Concept – Ford must have a study somewhere that shows that people will buy a car no matter how ugly it is. That’s the only possible way they could have decided that this car was a good idea. If you had to choose one word to describe this hydrogen hybrid fuel cell vehicle it would definitely be boxy. No smooth lines and subtle curves here. It does have gullwing doors, though. That makes it more than cool.

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – The rumors of this car have been floating around the internet forever. Mitsubishi finally has ended the wait and told us what we are in for. There is only one number that matters when it comes to this car – 320 horsepower. That will make sure that you will need the Super All-Wheel Control to keep this beast on the road.