Your motorcycle’s speed right before your eyes

Your motorcycle’s speed right before your eyes


If there’s one thing that motorcycle enthusiasts and opponents can both agree on, it’s the fact that riders need to pay full attention to what’s going on around them when they’re zooming down the road. Yet unlike cars, motorcycles have speedometers that require drivers to look down to ascertain their speed, thus making them take their eyes off everything but what’s in front of them. A split second is all an accident needs to create itself.

The folks at Motion Research have what they like to think as a good solution to this problem. It’s a viewing device called the SportVue BT1 that shows speed, RPM, and more on an LED that hangs down from the motorcycle helmet and can be seen while looking straight ahead. This is a Bluetooth-enabled item, and so it also shows caller ID (not that phone conversations should be anything but hands-free while you’re on a motorcycle).

The company hopes to have GPS data on future versions, perhaps even turn-by-turn instructions.

Motion Research actually makes quite a few of these devices for various pursuits. Athletics uses include cycling and snow sports. Work uses include construction and agriculture. Even emergency personnel can use devices designed especially for them. In each case, the device shows endeavor-specific information.

The latest motorcycle device is the BT1. It’s new enough not to have a price point or availabilty date yet. Previous similar models cost at least US$200.