TomTom navigator mount doubles as FM transmitter

TomTom navigator mount doubles as FM transmitter


I’m not sure if they’re the first ones to do this, but I would certainly like to see more products like this. One of the major complaints people have about portable GPS navigation devices is that the on-board speaker can be a little too quiet to hear those turn-by-turn directions, especially with all that wind noise and such. TomTom has found a way to address this issue by combining a windshield mount — the suction cup grabs onto the glass — with an FM transmitter mount. In this way, any sound output from your TomTom GPS unit can be outputted to your car’s FM stereo, allowing you to turn up that music (or turn-by-turn voiced directions) as loud as you’d like.

It’s really quite simple, as you just plug your favorite TomTom navigator — the current FM Transmitter Mount is compatible with the company’s GO range of devices — tune into an unused FM frequency and do the same on your GO and, well, away you go. If you happen to have a GPS navigator with MP3 playing functionality, like the 12GB TomTom GO 910, this can provide you with a fairly affordable entertainment package as well.

Look for the TomTom FM Transmitter Mount for GO GPS navigation devices to launch next month with an expected retail price of 49 Euros (US$63).