Shure announces triple driver in-ear headphones

Shure announces triple driver in-ear headphones


And I thought the V-Moda Vibe modaphones I reviewed were pretty good already. Shure is surely one of the most respected names in the premium earbud segment, and they’re keeping a good thing going by announcing four new additions to their noise-cancelling lineup: the SE210, SE310, SE420, and SE530.

On the lowest end of the spectrum are the £100 SE210 and £170 SE310, both of which only come with single drivers. The difference between the two is that the latter comes with “bass enhancement” for a little extra thump. I hope it’s a lot of extra thump, considering it’s almost double the price. If you want an extra driver, then you’ll need to step up the £249 SE420. This one has got two drivers per ear, one for higher frequencies and the second for bass.

The best of the best is, of course, the SE530. As you can guess based on the model numbering thus far, this is the set that comes with three drivers, dishing out the low, mid, and high sounds separately. The basic SE530 is £330, whereas the one with Push-to-Hear — a feature which lets you switch between music and the outside world (via a mic) with the push of a button — is £360.

All four (or I guess five) sets of headphones are expected to ship in March, with the exception of the SE420 which won’t hit shelves until June.