Optical joystick tossed into slim IPTV remote

Optical joystick tossed into slim IPTV remote


Sure, this remote control from Crucialtec may be one of the slimmer numbers out there, but it’s far from having the smallest footprint. I’m not really sure why they decided to make it so big, but the one major thing that this IPTV remote has going for it is a unique optical joystick, offering users 360 degrees of navigating freedom.

Designed to work with the company’s newly revealed IPTV user interface, the yet unnamed remote doesn’t have all that many buttons, but I guess it doesn’t need to if it’s going to offer you a computer mouse-like experience. The five way navigator adjusts the volume and changes the channels (it’s also where the optical joystick sits apparently), while the other four buttons above give you the rest of the functionality you need.

Power, Mute, and Mode are straightforward enough, but I’m a little hesitant to find out what “Shot Down” does.