Look familiar? Meizu reveals Music Card MP3 player

Look familiar? Meizu reveals Music Card MP3 player


My, there’s just no denying what other MP3 player the Meizu Music Card looks like. It’s like they weren’t even trying to come out with a fresh look. In fact, even if you look at the small-ish color display near the top, the menu system and “now playing” screens look a lot like something we’ve seen before. To keep the cloning effect going, Meizu is apparently offering its super thin (6.9mm) and somewhat narrow (39mm) Music card in black and white editions, both of the glossy variety.

The one thing that does set this player apart from the iPod nano (grr, I just couldn’t hold it in anymore) is that they’ve eschewed that lovely click wheel that everyone seems to love, replacing it with a one-dimensional scroller (or so it seems) and a single button to the bottom left. That single button seems to skip both to the left and the right. No idea how that would work.

Here is the product page, if you’re interested.