Here’s why the iPhone will suck

Here’s why the iPhone will suck


There’s a lot to like about the Apple iPhone (even if we’re not sure whether they’ll still get to use the iPhone name). After all, those wide-aspect touchscreen display is pretty darn nifty, as is all that built-in OSX-esque functionality with iTunes, Safari, and so forth. But all is not peachy keen in Apple-land.

There are a lot of Mac fanboys out there professing their love for just about anything his Royal Steveness puts out, but you know what, there’s a lot of hate too. Case in point, here is a list of the five greatest reasons why the iPhone will suck as compiled by Newlaunches.

1. Just a 2 megapixel camera. The Nokia N95 offers a five megapixel shooter, others may come out with more. Why come up mediocre in this regard?

2. 5-hour talk time is a bit weak for a battery.

3. No expansion slot. It’s not like Apple handhelds are known for their expandability anyhoo, but maxing out at 8 gigs is kind of weaksauce (considering the iPhone’ll do videos).

4. No 3G. Getting no faster than EDGE is pretty weak (but at least it’s got WiFi).

5. No removable battery. This one kind of goes with #2, as it does not give the opportunity to pack an extra juice pack or two for extended trips.