Com One announces Phoenix WiFi IP Radio

Com One announces Phoenix WiFi IP Radio


It’s got some retro styling going on with its fully exposed speakers and rotary dial, but this is high-tech stuff people. In fact, the Phoenix WiFi IP Radio from Com One is said to be “reinventing radio”, giving you the “most innovative and smartest digital radio ever!” Regular radio is fine and all, but you’ve got to deal with all that nasty static and all you get are the local stations. Internet radio, on the other hand, provides a whole lot of crisp international content and that’s what the Phoenix is serving.

As you’d expect, the Phoenix WiFi IP Radio latches onto your wireless network, without a connection to a PC I might add, and lets you stream all sorts of podcasts, internet radio, online music, and so on. If you prefer your own collection, there is a USB port for mass storage devices. It’s also got an alarm clock function as well. Power comes by way of either the wall adapter or a quad of AA rechargeable batteries, each of the two 4cm stereo speakers puts out 4 watts rms, and you’ll enjoy “improved digital sound quality with Bass Boost & Spatialization enhancer technology.”

No word on pricing, but they do have a “buy now” page on their site with contact info.