The ZunePhone

The ZunePhone


Microsoft wants a big piece of just about every pie there is out there, from controlling your laptop to your MP3s and yes, even your cell phone apparently. Hot on the heels of the Apple iPhone comes the WiFi-loving ZunePhone!

Ok, not exactly from MS, some jokers put together a promotional video for the launch of ZunePhone. It may not appear to be as pocketable as even the biggest PocketPC phone out there, but apparently it fits into your jeans without a hitch: see how easy it slides out of this dude’s pants? Check out the crazy interface, beefy WiFi connectivity, and all those “megabytes.” The Bluetooth headset will even make you the envy of all your quirky Apple-groping friends.

Note: Please don’t email me about where you get this. Call Bill Gates (or your psychiatrist) instead.