skyQube for on-the-go Skype

skyQube for on-the-go Skype


Skype is now so popular that its add-ons have add-ons. The latest of these is the skyQube, from Qool. As its name suggests, it’s a cube-shaped device that augments the Skype experience by allowing you to take it on the road and do all sorts of chatting and forwarding of Skype numbers and landline numbers and such. You can even use your home number when you are overseas.

This nifty little device, which has a built-in speakerphone function as well, comes in two models, the niftier of which (the Qube-squred) has a GMS module that you can access via a SIM card, enabling you to receive calls and text messages no matter where you are.

Early pricing on this was supposed to be between US$80 and US$150, respectively. Whether that’s still true, we just don’t know.