Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system: Boom! Shake the room!

Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system: Boom! Shake the room!


Is it just me or does this iPod dock remind you, even just a little, of those ergonomic foam pillows for people with sleeping problems? Okay, maybe I’m just seeing things (or wanting more sleep). The news coming out of Las Vegas has quite finished pouring out just yet, as Sharp is showing off a beauty of an iPod speaker dock in the DK-A1. It’s slick and fashionable just like the Apple player it’s designed for. And just like so many other systems in the past, this one too will charge your iPod as it blasts out your collection of Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand, and Marilyn Manson. You like eclectic, right?

If you’re wondering about the funky looking sides, those are the side firing subwoofers, giving you plenty of “deep bass sound”, probably much more so than your standard issue iPod dock. The two stereo speakers are in the front, completing the 2.1 experience. When you grow tired of your own music, the DK-A1 will keep you entertained with its AM/FM digital tuner and it’ll wake you up in the morning with the alarm clock.

No word on price, but they’re offering this dock both in glossy white and piano black (DK-A1BK). Compatibility is apparently with “all iPods.”