HSDPA Phone free from Cingular Wireless

HSDPA Phone free from Cingular Wireless


Well, the service will still cost you whatever it costs you, but you can get your hands on the HSDPA-capable LG CU500 clamshell for absolutely zero dollars. You won’t be getting this kind of offer direct from the orange splat of a service provider, though.

Apparently, when you sign a new Cingular Wireless contract, you can score the 3G-ready CU500 flip phone flip phone for free from Wirefly. I’d say free is a pretty good price, though I’m not a fan of lengthy agreements.

Outside of high-speed HSDPA, the LG CU500 has also got Bluetooth, 3D stereo sound, integrated media player, external music controls, dual color displays, Cingular Video, MobiTV, and a 1.3MP rotating camera.