Hot new Honda concepts expected at Tokyo Auto Salon 2007

Hot new Honda concepts expected at Tokyo Auto Salon 2007


With the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this week in Detroit, you all know what you should be expecting over the next few months, right? That’s right, it’s car show season again and we’re about to be continually bombarded with nifty new concept cars, fascinating (greener?) technology, and some production-ready vehicles that you just may be able to buy before the year is out. The next stop on the auto show circuit is Japan, and it is at the Tokyo Auto Salon that Honda will be displaying the Fit Daily Active, the Forza Smart 2-seater scooter, Stream Hyper Sport, and Stream Exclusive.

Although only these sketches have arisen thus far, the show is launching tomorrow, so expect some live shots to start popping up shortly. Honda’s exhibition space this year will be based on the “Be Cool, Be Chic” theme, moving the emphasis a little away from their racing heritage and more toward adding “a touch of class to getting around.”

The Honda Fit has only been in North America for about a year, but it has been quite the popular compact in Japan for a few years now. The Active Concept variant is catering to “today’s portable telephone and video game-oriented youth”, tossing in LED daytime running lights, unique interior lighting, and even an aroma diffuser. The Forza Smart 2-seater concept is powered by a 250cc engine, is equipped with the portable AVN entertainment system, and is “all about fun, comfortable city riding for two.”

Finally, we have the pair of Stream concepts. The Hyper sport is a medium-sized minivan with an interior full of entertainment features, whereas the Exclusive offers “a glimpse of what ‘premium’ could mean in the near future.”