Dual-format Total HD discs get big backing

Dual-format Total HD discs get big backing


That dual-format DVD that we told you about a few days back is a big hit with big-box retailers in the U.S. Time Warner is announcing that Best Buy, Circuit City, and Amazon will carry the Total HD discs, which support both Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

That’s big news and potentially big sales as well. The next-gen DVD war continues to confuse and scare away consumers, who can’t quite seem to grasp the subtle yet important difference between the two formats, and so purchase neither Blu-Ray players nor HD DVD players. With the Total HD discs, it doesn’t matter which format your player is.

The new discs are a natural extension for Time Warner, which has been supporting both formats since the so-called war began more than a year ago. The selling point of the technology is that the discs are much higher definition and storage capacity than the ones in common use now. The competing formats have divided electronics makers, computer manufacturers, and movie studios, creating a low-level armed-camp effect, behind the main players, Blu-Ray’s Sony and HD DVD’s Toshiba.

Look for those Total HD discs to be commonly available come summer. By autumn (and maybe because of the arrival of the Time Warner product), player sales might have picked up.