Verbatim unveils large-capacity portable flash drives

Verbatim unveils large-capacity portable flash drives


Verbatim’s latest incarnation of the Store ‘n’ Go USB Drive lets you store 12GB of data. That’s about as much as you can coax into a standard, more stationary flash drives these days, so that’s quite an innovation.

There’s the slightly smaller but no less plentiful 8GB flash drive. Verbatim is also touting its other products, including the Store ‘n’ Go Pro, which is aimed at mobile professionals like photographers and graphic artists. This model, in entities up to 4GB, has enhanced 256-bit security and built-in V-Key fils synchronization software.

For the corporate professional, there’s also the Corporate Secure Drives, in 1, 2, and 4GB flavors, has some of the most advanced security features on the market, including a lockdown feature that fires up after 10 failed logons.

These Verbatim portable drives work with the majority of operating systems, including Mac, Linux, and Windows (even Vista). The 12GB version will be priced at US$179, with prices cascading downward from there. They’ll all be available by the end of the month.