Bushpig skateboard has a built-in motor

Bushpig skateboard has a built-in motor


See, there’s the motorized culture and there’s the skateboard culture. Usually, the two never meet.

Wheelman doesn’t think that always has to be the case, however, which is why they are bringing you the Bushpig, a skateboard with a little-motor-that-could. The motor isn’t very powerful, so there’s just slightly more danger of falling off than if you were on a regular board. (After all, even the best boarders are never on the boards for all that many seconds, anyway.) You do have a handheld controller, too, that can control both throttle and brake (separately, of course).

The majority of the work, however, is still done by you and your balancing skills. Shift left or right and the Bushpig goes with you. The engine is between the two wheels, which gives you an extra center of gravity. The complete absence of axles or spokes, despite those being actual wheels, is a welcome relief as well, so you run no danger of getting caught up in branches or driftwood on those rare occasions when skate parks and parking garages just aren’t enough adventure.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t exactly a hybrid device. It runs on plain old oil and plain old gas. Gas mileage figures aren’t available, but that’s probably not a concern. You can still ‘board by yourself if you want to, by just not turning on the engine. But if you have that kind of power, why not use it?

Beware, though: Even though you can get the Bushpig now, you might want to have your financing in order, since the price tag is a rather stiff US$995.