Sony Vaio WA1 streams music from your PC wirelessly

Sony Vaio WA1 streams music from your PC wirelessly


I dislike cables and wires of any kind. That’s why I love my cell phone, my laptop, and my home WiFi network. Sony wants you to enjoy that huge music collection you have on your computer, but they don’t want you to have to lug that monster around with all around the house. Instead, they want you to buy the Vaio WA1 Wireless Digital Music Streamer.

It’s minimalist and simply-designed, not unlike the majority of Apple’s lineup, and the tiny on-board display is even a little iPod-like with its hierarchically-oriented menu system. Sharing your audio files in any room of your home, the WA1 will naturally pump out ATRAC files, as well as AAC, MP3, and “unprotected” WMA formats. No apparently PlaysForSure love here.

There’s only 128MB of onboard storage, but theoretically infinite “storage” via its streaming function. With a pair of stereo speakers good for 8 watts of sound and a battery life rated at 4 hours, the Sony Vaio WA1 will retail for $350 when it ships later this year.