Philips announces portable DVD players with iPod docks

Philips announces portable DVD players with iPod docks


You may enjoy the portability of your iPod Video, but watching full-length feature films on that tiny screen can be quite a strain on the eyes. Philips has just announced a pair of devices that look like portable DVD players, but are actually iPod docks in disguise. The DCP750 and DCP850 sport 7-inch and 8.5-inch color screens, respectively, giving you a much larger viewing area than on Apple’s clickwheel-tastic player.

While out and about, the built-in rechargeable battery will give you about two hours of viewing time, which is about how much your iPod will give you anyways. For extended trips, simply make use of the included car adapter: this will not only charge the Philips docks, but also your iPod by proxy.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, both the DCP750 and DCP850 pull double duty as DVD players too, fully supporting regular discs, VCDs, and even DivX discs. There’s even a memory card reader for photo viewing. That’s a lot of functionality, and all for $150 or $200.