Bluetooth-touting G-Tech messenger bags love iPods too

Bluetooth-touting G-Tech messenger bags love iPods too


When you’re making your way around campus or up the mountain during a hike, you don’t want to have to pull out your cell phone or iPod to adjust a few things. Now, you don’t have to. G-Tech has just announced their chic new Bluetooth-enabled Messenger Bags.

Making use of Eleksen’s ElekTex smart fabric controls, the new G-Tech bags allow you to store your music player or cell phone in the appropriate spot and communicate it with it via Bluetooth. The single touchpad can be found on the strap of the back, giving you quick access to the most heavily used features like muting, resuming music play, and responding to a call. Oh, and it’s got a built-in speaker too (as well as a universal 3.5mm extension jack).

No word on price, but G-Tech is prepared to start shipping these gadget-loving bags sometime this month.