Suzuki Flix concept designed for movie buffs

Suzuki Flix concept designed for movie buffs


Any gearhead will tell you that a car isn’t just another mode of transportation. If you’re not so interested in raw horsepower and have more of a soft spot for mobile entertainment (c’mon, you’ve got to be a gadget lover if you’re reading Mobile Magazine), then we have just the car for you. Unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Flix concept from American Suzuki apparently comes with a huge screen that pops out of the roof. Yup, it’s a mobile movie theater.

Based on the XL7 midsize crossover vehicle, the Flix concept was built by Carlab of Orange County, California. They’ve dressed it up in midnight black paint with platinum accents and “deep crimson theater red perimeter LED linear emitters encircling the lower valence.” You know, like those lights that line the aisles at your local multiplex.

To access the 40-inch movie screen, you simply open up the clamshell roof, swivel those four uniquely designed bucket seats around, and enjoy the latest addition to your DVD collection. But please, no movies while driving, especially since you’ll be facing the wrong way.