Strap protects against the dreaded notebook drop

Strap protects against the dreaded notebook drop


Anyone who utilizes the true mobile nature of a notebook computer will appreciate this innovation. It’s the Safe-Clik-N-Grip Strap, and it wraps your notebook up tight for drop-free transport. Anyone who maneuvers a notebook in and out of a laptop bag for airport security screening can appreciate this, as can anyone who totes a notebook around school.

The Strap was invented by an ordinary frequent traveler who saw a need and filled it. The strap wraps securely around the notebook, and the strap itself is customizable in terms of size, so your tiny 12-inch iBook will be as snug as that 20-inch Windows laptop that you lug around on trips with you. The strap locks into place easily and snaps out just as well.

Wondering about the material? It’s Poly-Pro, which is that stuff that automakers use to craft seat belts.

You can get the Safe-Clik-N-Grip Strap in a vertical or horizontal model. Both sell for US$14.95.