ScanBuy turns cameraphone into bar code scanner

ScanBuy turns cameraphone into bar code scanner


Poor old barcodes, about to be left in the dust by RFID tags. Don’t you believe it, especially in the wake of this new technology.

ScanBuy is software similar to CellFire that can retrieve a products price and data from a website after your camera snaps a pic of the bar code. This easily allows you to do comparison shopping, to see if the competition has a better price.

You’ll need an Internet connection, of course, which means that you’ll probably need a smartphone or at least a phone that has some form of rudimentary Web capabilities on top of the picture taking technology.

You don’t need to buy any additional hardware. The software, which is free, should be available later this year, and we can only imagine how this kind of technology can be adapted to enable one-touch buying as well as price perusal.