Sandisk sneaks in Sansa Express and Sansa View DAPs

Sandisk sneaks in Sansa Express and Sansa View DAPs


They say that variety is the spice of life, and I can certainly appreciate that sentiment, especially when it provides me with more choices in the marketplace. Sandisk has got a couple of new players for us to enjoy, one of which is as simple as can be, whereas the other appears to be a full-on PMP.

First up is the Sansa Express, which looks more like a USB thumb drive than anything else. After all, it’s got a built-in USB connector. The little display and on-board controls kind of give away its MP3 playing capabilities, though. You’ll also find 15 hours of battery life, 1GB of internal memory, microSD expansion, and FM tuner/recorder, all for sixty bucks. Expected shipping date is April 1st (no joke).

If video is more your cup of tea, there is the Sansa View. We’re not sure if it’s one of those larger numbers with a 4-inch screen, or a more compact unit like the iRiver clix, but that display does occupy the vast majority of the real estate on the front. Sandisk does have 32GB flash drives in their inventory, so it’d be awesome to see one of those tucked in here, don’t you think? No word on pricing, capacity, or availability for the View.