Portable Satellite TV takes on the shape of a briefcase

Portable Satellite TV takes on the shape of a briefcase


We have all kinds of mobile options these days, but mobile satellite TV isn’t exactly commonplace—until now. DirecTV, expecting to make a big splash, is introducing at CES the Sat-Go, a satellite-TV-in-a-box setup that looks like a fine piece of luggage and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, to carry or afford.

If you have to have one of these right away, then you’ll be paying at least US$1,000 and up to US$1,300. Once the Sat-Go becomes more commonplace, the prices will, of course, come down. And despite what you might think, the case in its entirety weighs just 25 pounds.

Once you get past the initial purchase cost, it’s just US$4.99 a month, and you get the same suite of features that DirecTV would offer you if they came out and plopped one of their dishes on your roof.

It’s all the brainchild of Rick Rosner, a TV producer known for a series of hits, including “CHiPs” and “The New Hollywood Squares.” A self-confessed television junkie, Rosner invented the Sat-Go simply out of need: He moved into a house that had no cable signal.

DirecTV is planning to offer the Sat-Go in many nontraditional places, such as in outdoor stores and magazines. Sounds natural to us. Other versions are coming as well, including the Sat-Go Pro for emergency professionals and, eventually, a Sat-Go with a DVR.