Netgear EVA8000: HDMI port + 802.11n, need I say more?

Netgear EVA8000: HDMI port + 802.11n, need I say more?


What, you thought that all-in-one wonder was all that Netgear had up their sleeves? Think again. Netgear has stormed the convention center in Las Vegas, pounded their way through the doors to CES, and brought us an incredible HD-ready networked digital media player. That’s right, a 802.11n draft spec router with an HDMI port “for easy connection to an HD TV.” Oh, and it’s got built-in love for YouTube too (the Wii isn’t the only way to get Tubed out on your big screen TV).

Dubbed the EVA8000, this Netgear router-like device will happily support a wide range of audio, video, and picture formats, and for those of you who have already splurged on a full HD (1080p) television, this digital media player will handle that level of goodness too. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but the EVA8000 will play DRM-protected iTunes content from a Windows PC, but not a Mac.

Look for the Netgear EVA8000 “later this quarter” for $349.