Motorola MOTORIZR Z6 is a super slider

Motorola MOTORIZR Z6 is a super slider


It seems that everyone and their mother has some version of the RAZR these days, whether they’ve jumped into the candybar end of things with a SLVR or into the not-so-wideness of the KRZR. The MOTORIZR Z6 isn’t the first slim slider to come out of the Motorola camp, but I find it much more aesthetically appealing than its matte Z3 cousin.

But appearances aren’t the only differences you’ll find in this phone that “exudes eye-catching sophistication.” A quick rundown of the features makes it immediately apparent that this phone was designed with mobile music in mind. The Z6 sports Windows Media Player 11, support for a wide range of formats (including Janus DRM, AAC+, and AMR NB), microSD expansion, and USB for high speed data transfers.

This Linux-based slider also comes with airplane mode, a 2 megapixel camera with video, and “high end finishes including a mirror-like finish, soft-touch feel, glass and metal.” No word on pricing, but they plan on launching it sometime in the first half of this year.