Mobile TV on a cell phone gaining in popularity

Mobile TV on a cell phone gaining in popularity


I think I have to take this with a grain of salt, given the widespread popularity of mobile television in Korea, but it is still quite intriguing. According to a report by Strategy Analytics, cell phones will account for a third of all digital TV receivers worldwide by 2011. In this way, if you’ve got a cell phone — and pretty much everyone does these days — you’re probably going to be watching TV on it before the turn of the decade.

As 3G services continue to grow and expand, so will the content that they provide. In this way, it has become much easier to enjoy multimedia content on our mobile handsets. Whereas streaming content is more popular today, the report is projecting that broadcast content will become more lucrative (and popular) in the years to come. What’s more, they expect global mobile TV revenue to top $16 billion.

MP3s gave way to DRM, so there’s a good chance that similar technologies will be implemented with mobile TV as well.