iPod speakers galore from iHome

iPod speakers galore from iHome


iHome, makers of as many different kinds of iPod speaker systems as you can name in 30 seconds, has come out with seven more. Some are newer than others.

If you remember the iH5, you’ll remember that it didn’t have a whole lot of color to it. Well, the old-is-new-again department at iHome has added bright splashes of color to that little number, to the tune of blue, green, or pink. Not sure about that shade of green, but there you go.

They’ve also come out with some other eye-popping numbers. You want a silver finish? Try the iH3. Got a super-powerful nano, plunk it down in the iHM1, which you can get in blue, green, or pink. Looking to take your tunes to the pool, try on the iH19, which has an external control pad and is certifiably waterproof. If you do go swimming with that one, remember that the iPod itself isn’t waterproof.

And if you’re into basic black and white, try the iH3 or the iH10, which sport those traditional colors in a graphic new way. Nothing like a two-color job to tone down a room with loud wallpaper.

Since this announcement is hot off the presses, we don’t know pricing or availability yet.