DrivePlay+2: build your own MP3 channels

DrivePlay+2: build your own MP3 channels


You see a name like Harman Kardon and you expect something out of the ordinary. That is certainly the case with the Drive+Play 2, an update of an existing gadget that blows its predecessor out of the water.

First of all, this device has a wireless navigation knob, so that iPod, Zune, or other kind of MP3 player you hook up doesn’t really need to “hook up.” That’s ease of use, but what about content?

The Drive+Play 2 gets FM radio, supports Sirius functionality (which might mean XM as well, if the merger goes through), and offers Bluetooth connections as well.

But perhaps the most enthralling feature is the ability to create the equivalent of your own personal disc jockey, building lists of music from the same artist, album or genre based on whatever song you choose to play. You can create your own channel of Shakira if you really want to (although we must remind you that this is audio only).

One other thing to keep in mind: This is Harman Kardon, which in laymen’s terms means expensive. This helpful, useful, Shakira channel-building device will set you back US$400.