CES 2007: PNY flashes us with some new USB drives

CES 2007: PNY flashes us with some new USB drives


Over in Las Vegas this week, people are stomping all over each other to see the latest and greatest from a bevy of international electronics developers. Some are offering some unique GPS solutions, others have nifty laptops on display. But not PNY. PNY has stormed the Las Vegas Convention Center floor, unleashing a full battalion of USB thumb drives designed to “fit every lifestyle.” And they look pretty good too.

Let’s get started. The Optimo Pro Series is designed to optimize Vista performance via Windows ReadyBoost. Essentially, the memory on this stick pulls double duty as temporary RAM, letting you boot applications more quickly. Speaking of speediness, they also have the XLR8 USB Flash Drives (get it? accelerate?), designed with high-end gaming in mind. Both the Optimo and XLR8 drives come in 2GB varieties and retail for $99 a pop.

Moving right along, the Micro Attache drives keep things tiny, measuring just 1/3 the size of PNY’s Mini Attache at just 32mm x 12mm x 2mm. The one gigger is available now, with 2GB and 4GB editions coming soon. If you’re just interested in massive storage, PNY has bumped their standard Attache drives up to 8GB and 16GB. Last but not least are the Secure Attache USB drives. As you’d guess, they help keep your data private, implementing “goverment-level 256-bit AES encryption.” Like so many other PNY drives, these too are 2 gigs and $99.

All of the above Flash drives are expected so ship during the first half of 2007.