Belkin TuneStudio mixes it up at CES

Belkin TuneStudio mixes it up at CES


Belkin today at CES 2007 in Las Vegas, and jointly at MacWorld, has revealed their iPod 5g four-channel audio mixer. This rack of knobs is for anyone to create high quality digital recordings directly onto their iPods. A four-track mixer will allow, yes, four audio sources, whether it may be instruments or inputs from other iPods or microphones, you can record in 16-bit, 44kHz quality.

Designed for Podcasters as well, you can stream audio through the built-in USB interface to and from a PC or Mac and acts as an external USB sound card.

Each of the four channels sports a 3-band EQ, pan and level controls. Phantom-power-enabled XLR inputs provide up to 60 dB of microphone gain. Stereo compressor with makeup gain enhances audio dynamics and keeps audio levels within recording limits of the iPod. And let’s not forget LEDs, it’s got them everywhere.

Belkin’s TuneStudio for iPod will sell for $179US this summer.