Top Tech of the week – 01.05.2007

Top Tech of the week – 01.05.2007


CES 2007 is on the horizon and that means one very exciting thing – we will be inundated with incredibly cool new products for the next week. Companies spend millions to come up with the products that will turn heads and get them both attention and access to buyers’ wallets. Three of the products that will be grabbing headlines are featured in Top Tech this week, along with two vehicle innovations that could make the air easier to breathe.

Samsung LCD – Why would you want to settle for a screen with just one side when you could have two? We’ve seen LCD’s that can show the same image on two sides, but this is the first time that we have seen a single screen that can show different images on front and back. The whole thing is just 2.6 mm thick, meaning that it can go into all sorts of devices to make them incredibly powerful. We should see products with these screens in the middle of the year.

OnAir GT Mobile HDTV Tuner& DVR – HDTV is cool. SO cool that you hardly ever want to see anything else once you have it. You can manage that at home, but once you go on the road it gets harder to find HDTV. Until now. This mobile receiver can be attached to a PC by USB to allow you to view or record the HD content that you want wherever you are.

Microvision projector – I have a bit of a fetish for projectors, and the smaller the better. This tiny little wonder is “about the size of a thin mint chocolate candy”. I’m not sure what that actually means, but just know that it’s small. Small enough that it can easily fit into PDAs or phones or anywhere else you might want a projector. It means that you could enjoy an image much bigger than a normal screen – as big as a big screen TV, apparently.

Phoenix Sport Utility Truck – This truck has a nice look and a decent amount of torque – 480 lbs-ft. That’s enough to jump when you push the pedal. Why do we care? Did I forget to mention that the vehicle is entirely electric? The battery only takes about 10 minutes to get a workable charge, and it has a range of 100 miles on a charge. It will be released in California later this year, and the company is hoping to sell 500 before year end.

Engenuity cars – this Israeli company, like everyone else in the world it seems, is looking for a way to fuel cars without relying on fossil fuels. Their new system uses reactions between air and water and metals like aluminum or magnesium to create a metal oxide that powers the car. Any metal oxide that is not used to power the car can be converted back and used again. There will be zero emissions, and the car will apparently perform just as well as your current gas guzzler.