We got a floater! Ego Waterproof speakers for iPods

We got a floater! Ego Waterproof speakers for iPods


David Letterman has an ongoing segment on the Late Show that asks you, the viewer, “Will it float?” He’s tossed some rather quirky items into pools of water to see whether they stay afloat or sink to the bottom. I’d probably venture a guess that the iPod would float, but you can know for certain now with the Ego Waterproof Sound Case for Apple’s player, as it is an enclosure for your Apple player that even includes stereo speakers to boot.

To be introduced at CES, the Ego Waterproof Sound Case — developed by Atlantic — is just like every other portable iPod speaker dock out there, except that it has no problem playing friendly with H20, floating around in your pool as you sip on umbrella drinks. I’m still a little uncomfortable with the idea of plunking something electric (it takes four AA batteries) in water, but they assure us that it is perfectly safe.

Compatible with the Mini, Nano, 4G, and 5G Video iPods, this floating sound system offers up to 30 hours of life and retails for $200 (sans iPod, of course).